Ghostly Makers 

July 14 - September 24, 2023 - Burnaby Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Curated by Carmen Levy-Milne

This exhibition looks to generate discussion surrounding the prevalence of diasporic, displaced and disrupted hauntings in craft and textile practices. Drawing from Avery Gordon’s definition of haunting as “an animated state in which repressed or unresolved social violence is making itself known,” Ghostly Makers utilizes haunting as an alternative lens that materializes and uplifts narratives of resistance. Including the artists Samar Hejazi, Jacqueline Morrisseau-Addison, Keysha Rivera, Arezu Salamzadeh, and Lan "Florence" Yee, each work critically examines contemporary constructions of visibility while re-imagining ways for thinking about identity and the commemoration of time.